Websites and Blogs about Paris and France that I used a lot…

TRAVEL: For more details, go to the  “Travel Tips” menu tab.


RATP . Covers all forms of public transportation and is the official Paris Public Transportation Web site. It has a special section for tourists. We particularly benefited from its section on busses, a map of the stops for each bus line, and a route planner.

Taxis: we used G-7, with its English-speaking operator.

CULTURAL EVENTS:  TimeOut is long-standing, London-based staple. The publication is in English. It covers weekly and monthly art, music, eating, and  cultural happenings in general.

France Today, also in English, presents French Travel, Culture, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Movies, and Reviews throughout France, with a special section  on Paris.

David Lebovitz’s Blog, especially the tab “My Paris.” An American pastry chef from Berkeley, he has also written several cookbooks, including the funny and invaluable “The Sweet Life in Paris.” It’s much more than a cookbook. Lebovitz links to many good Web sites and blogs about Paris.

Stephen Clarke is an English writer. His “Talk to the Snail” has priceless information on how Anglos can better communicate with the French in everyday life. He tweets rather than blogs and can be followed at @sclarkewriter

MUSEUMS:  Paris Museum Pass.  If you have a Paris Museum Pass, you don’t need to wait in the ticket-buying line at many museums. It can be purchased at the first museum you visit, preferably a less-crowded one, or in advance at the airport Tourist Information Office. Note the days the various Museums are closed.







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